How to start an essay

An essay is a composition which analyzes a subject. It also contains arguments and, maybe, evaluation. To write an essay is a frequent assignment. An essay contains both new and useful information and the author's point of view.

It is significant for a student to know what an essay is and the rules to write it. There are certain rules of writing essays. Many of them concern the structure of the essay. A student should know how to write the introduction, the body, and the last part - the conclusion. An academic essay usually includes a bibliography. Sometimes the topic of an essay, for example, in an application essay for an MBA, is a question. In this case, the structure of the essay is not that rigid and there is no bibliography. Creative writing, for example, has no particular rules.

How to start an essay

Good way to start an essay

There are some simple rules to write an error-free, stylistically correct essay. You should know how to start a paper. First of all, you should think of an outline. This is the best way to start an essay. Upon the whole, an outline for an essay resembles a map for a traveler. It makes possible to stay organized and not deviate from the topic. Make sure that you point out the main ideas and your message is clearly expressed. Here is a step-by-step plan of writing a standard essay:

  • Pick a suitable topic for your essay and several titles. Sometimes students may not be content with the topic they are given. But choosing their topic may be even more frustrating. You should select something interesting for you. A narrower topic is more preferable because it is easier to write on such topics. Make sure there are enough sources you can use.
  • Formulate a thesis. It is a precise summary of the main ideas of the essay. It is, in fact, the message of the essay. It is normally conveyed in one sentence.
  • Write a powerful introduction paragraph. Your introduction should be compelling and informative. Your purpose in writing an introductory paragraph is to attract the attention of your reader. To denote the objective of the essay is another purpose.
  • Write the body. It is the longest and most informative part. In case your thesis is not complicated, there will be fewer paragraphs to confirm it. You will have to think of a smooth transition between paragraphs.
  • In your conclusion, you will summarize your most important arguments. It is significant to point out their significance. You will paraphrase what you said in your introduction and body.

How to write an essay introduction

If your purpose to learn how to begin an essay, you should know how to write an introduction. The main goal of writing an introduction is to present the main idea to the reader. In most cases, an introduction is the initial paragraph of your assignment. If your essay is long enough, it will consist of several paragraphs. In your introduction, you have to grab the attention of your audience. You can do it by using an original quote, providing an interesting proverb or a look at the problem from a new angle.

A thesis statement is a part of your introduction. It may consist of one sentence. Sometimes maybe as long as a paragraph if the essay is lengthy. A good thesis should be disputable. It can be agreed upon or disagreed upon. To write a good introduction you will have to use your creative thinking and imagination. Try to engage the audience from the very beginning.

To keep the reader interested don't use a lot of facts in your introduction. In your essay, you should use the formal tone and language. Academic assignments have definite rules concerning formatting and style. By default, you should use formal language. Informal style is used only if it is specially allowed by the teacher.

How to write an essay body

In the body, you prove your thesis. The function of this part is to explain the argument from the introduction. Every paragraph of the body dwells upon an important point. We include in every paragraph a topic sentence and the explanation of it backed up by examples and facts. Upon the whole, in the body of the essay, you expand its topic.

Every idea mentioned by you in your outline will be made a paragraph in the body. If you had four ideas in your outline, there will be four paragraphs in the body. In the body, you should also clarify the topic, approve or argue it. The structure of every body paragraph includes several essential elements. The topic sentence expresses the idea of the paragraph. Several explanatory sentences back up the main point. One or more evaluative sentences that show the importance of the idea.

We call the main idea of a paragraph 'controlling idea'. So, every paragraph of an essay has its own controlling idea. The illustration is a part of a paragraph that may include examples and explanations (research information, facts, etc.). The explanation shows how the reader has to interpret the illustration. It is also important to remember that body paragraphs are linked with each other. For this purpose, there are transitional sentences. As a matter of fact, they appear at the end of each paragraph.

How to write the conclusion of an essay

To write a good conclusion you need to follow three steps. First, rephrase the thesis statement. Second, write two or three sentences summarizing the body. Third, write about the usefulness of your ideas. Pay attention that your introduction and your conclusion are written differently.

The introduction and the conclusion are significant parts of the essay. The last part of the essay is the conclusion and it has a particular significance. To make a summary of your essay is its primary purpose but it is not sufficient. To make the reader interested in the topic is one more significant task. If you convinced your reader to accept your point of view, that means you have succeeded. Complete your most important task - make the reader want to continue to research the topic.

How to start a good essay - common mistakes to avoid

Good essay writing is not an easy thing at all. For some of the students, it is complicated and stressful. Writing essays is one of the most prevalent academic assignments and students must know how to do it. To get a high grade your essay should contain no mistakes. There are several commonplace mistakes every student should avoid.

  • Mistakes in the content of your essay. Badly written essays often have no structure and are not impressive. To avoid such mistakes, you should mind the structure and keep to the outline. Examples and facts you use should be authentic and relevant. You should only write about ideas that can be backed up by examples or facts.
  • Mistakes in style. You should avoid repetition of words. The use of swritingynonyms will make your vocabulary richer.
  • Mistakes in structure. Sometimes students forget to divide the text into paragraphs. It may prevent the reader from understanding the text correctly. Don't forget to format your essay correctly and to divide the text into paragraphs.
  • Grammar mistakes. To write your essay correctly you should know grammar rules. The most common mistakes are the use of countable and uncountable nouns and verb forms. To avoid such mistakes, you should carefully proofread your essay. Check if you have used these rules correctly.
  • Mistakes in vocabulary. The most typical mistakes are the misuse of words and wrong word forms. Try to pay attention to the words you use and always proofread and edit your essay.
  • Mistakes in spelling. The spelling of many of the words has to be memorized. If you often misspell some words, you should make a list with them and memorize their spelling.
  • Mistakes in punctuation. It is significant to use proper punctuation. Neglecting punctuation marks produces a bad impression on the reader. Proper punctuation is especially significant in academic assignments. To use punctuation marks in an appropriate manner you should learn punctuation rules.

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