How Argumentative Essay Differs from Other Kinds of Papers

An argumentative essay is quite a complex task because they require conducting a research, shaping an informed opinion and presenting it to others in really, really persuasive form. So you have to have a defined viewpoint, and to have enough facts and arguments to make others alight with you. This is what argumentative essay definition is about: your standing, your arguments, and others who you want to convince. Expository essay is somewhat similar, but it is shorter and does not require much research. You basically say that something is an issue and what you think should be done about it.

Breaking the Ice: Structure and Tricks of an Argumentative Essay

In contrast, writing an argumentative essay requires thorough search for information and its organization into a coherent flow of ideas.

Basically, this essay has introduction with an obligatory thesis, body and conclusion. Your thesis should already include the point you defend, and maybe two or three main arguments you plan to use.

It is the body of the paper that has some intricacies. It will include some context, your point statement, argumentation plus evidence, discussion and refutation of opposing viewpoints and conclusion. If you carefully include these components then you will create a surely decent example of argumentative essay.

Besides, there is an important trick in leading a successful argument that will end in an agreement between you and supposed opponents. First, you can partially concede and they agree to accept a part of your viewpoint. It is a mutual compromise, or the Rogerian argumentation strategy.

Next, you can include into argumentation only elements that can be agreed upon within a larger framework. It is not compromise, but rather agreeing to apply your solution in particular cases. So the trueness of your argumentation will also be acknowledged in a limited context - but it will be true without any abatements. This is the Toulmin argumentation strategy.

Samples of Essays: Inspiration Mode On

Now that you have a clue on how to write an argumentative essay, let us show you a couple of introductions that set forth a good flow of reasoning in any argumentative essay.

1) It is a known fact that much in education depends on a teacher. A good teacher may make the most boring subject a thrill, and vice versa, even the most interesting class can lose its appeal if it is taught by a teacher disliked by students. So what makes a teacher good or bad? High competence and skills in the subject are important, but it is not what makes kids crave every next class and enjoy learning like the greatest game. A good teacher, as multiple researches show, is a person who sincerely respects students, approaches them with understanding of their individual needs and can make everyone feel special and welcomed in the class. The paper will explore how each of these traits help children feel confident in class, learn better and find their teacher the best educator in the world.

2) Is high competition on food market beneficial for consumers?

Competition on markets has always been seen as a good trend since in battle for customers companies were supposed to provide better quality of goods/services at lower costs. However, the economic conditions, the speed of life, (in)accessibility of food shops and markets and other factor lead to customers seeking cheap and fast food with quality concerns going last on the list. So essentially today competition between food producers and suppliers is reduced to cost cutting at any cost so that to sell cheaper and to attract more customers. Quality of food gets lower and lower, as research shows, and so in chase after consumers companies supply worse food for less money, thus feeding people with meals that harm their health. So high competition that results in supplying cheap but unhealthy food is definitely bad for customers, which is how most food suppliers operate today.

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