80+ Outstanding Argumentative Essay Topics recommended by Professional Writers

The aim of the outstanding argumentative essay topics by professional writers is to decisively state a particular stance on a certain problem to offer various motives, assisted by supporting information and indication. The reader should alter their manner of philosophy or take into account the standpoint of the author.

Argumentative Essay Topics

How to choose argumentative essay topics to write about?

Throughout the process of education, one of the most prevalent errands is to choose topics to write about. However, the most divisive aspect is, selecting the actual topic.

You may attempt to select a topic most of the time about an idea founded on the following standard:

  • Interest
  • Argumentative topics samples online
  • Significance of accessible bases
  • Accessibility of data
  • The educational level of education (School, College or University)

What Creates a Worthy Argument Essay Subject?

You should keep in mind about one significant word when selecting an argumentative essay subject- "debatable." Your task is to influence the people who read to endure the debate rather than of merely getting info. For this reason, it is vital to utilize both discussions that back your primary notion and contrasting standpoints. To assist your readers, involve the complete list of an appendix with all connected bases.

To locate a worthy topic for an argumentative essay, think through various problems and opt a few that spark at least a couple of conflicting, solid standpoints.

How to write an Argumentative Essay

One of the major targets of writing an outstanding argumentative essay would be to evaluate both aspects of your problem. To shoot their statements down, consider strong arguments for both your side, also the other aspect.

When researching potential subjects, question:

  • Is this vital?
  • Why did this take place?
  • How should one react?

As written opinions, not like in-personal discussions, the absence of feelings and the capability to read body language, it is vital to offer sound evidence to back a certain claim by being dependent on the data and easily reached indication. When analyzing every aspect of the argument, consider the most usual queries addressed in specific assertions:

  • Statistic: Is the statement accurate?
  • Description: What does the title mean in actual?
  • Reason: How well-intentioned it is?
  • Value: What is the issue cause? What takes place?
  • Proposal: What steps to be taken about it?

The particular needs as to how to arrange an argumentative essay involve the following steps:

  1. Explore
  2. Discovery of reliable sources
  3. Reading and studying the material
  4. Creating a draft
  5. Writing
  6. Checking through

Usually, your essay should be constructed of five paragraphs

1. Introduction - In the introductory paragraph you give people a brief view on what are you going to talk about. It may consist of interesting information, data, or even gags. Remember to include an inspiring thesis statement. The introduction sums up the problem; exploration is done, facts gathered and all the results that one has made. Make it concise to leave space for additional debate in the essay's other part.

2. A thesis statement should be mentioned in the first passage. This is mostly the login of your composition. It should conclude the point you are attempting to make in a single clear sentence. It should also mention the stance of a specific problem that the reader is likely to argue in contradiction of.

3. Body. Each statement is backed by the consistent confirmation you discover during the investigation. If you have more data, you may add up to five body paragraphs.

  • Paragraph 1. The first argument is a statement to back the thesis of your argumentative essay. For instance, “Placing Spanish the next formal language in the IS will constructively influence the monetary connections between America and Mexico.” In the case of lack of appropriate proof, your words will not be believed.
  • Paragraph 2. In this paragraph, you will present your next argument on the subject. Involve pieces of evidence, place citations to your essay sound persuasive.
  • Remember proof is founded on reliable data and specifics that you will discover during the examination procedure. Select the sources sensibly. For instance: “Twelve-percent rise in trade between Mexico and America was a notice in 2014 when the local state of Arizona send individuals who spoke Spanish to take part in the contract.”
  • Paragraph 3. You will present the third argument in this paragraph. Remember to provide the evidence of your viewpoint. You should recognize that various individuals have different standpoints pertinent to the same subject, so be persistent. Your notions should be strengthened by the data you search during your investigation. For each argument against, you should provide additional substantiation to demonstrate you are correct.

4. Conclusion. In this paragraph sum-up what you are trying to say above. Minimalism is most appropriate for a conclusive and clear message.

5. Biography. The alphabetical order of the sources you used is represented by a bibliography. Any citations pertinent to the topic of the essay may be included in a bibliography.

The Best Argumentative Essay Topics

The English language classes mostly require a lot of writing. Any argumentative essay topic should be founded on the vital set of expertise of any efficient student involving research, writing and investigative abilities. You may be assigned the argumentative essays to train your eloquence capabilities.

When choosing a debatable argumentative topic to discuss, you may think that is it appropriate when your instructor allows a specific argumentative topic to you. For this reason, you may prefer to gather all time-tested and valued sources to prove your awareness of the particular problem.

Argumentative Essay Topics for College

  • Capital punishment should be initiated around the world
  • Manufacturing and trade of tobacco should be made banned
  • In public place, smoking has to be made illegal
  • The use of alcohol should be well-ordered
  • Energy drinks must be made illegitimate and barred
  • The sale of alcoholic beverages should be prohibited during a night
  • When can people begin smoking (certain age)?
  • Must court actions be acknowledged for media?
  • Is there integrity for every individual?
  • To normalize well-being problems, individuals should ponder over their sleep more

Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

  • Every single house should have a pet
  • Arts center should be free to the community
  • The age of voting should be dropped
  • From schools, junk foods should be banned
  • A home assignment should be eliminated
  • All students must have day-to-day responsibilities
  • Kids should not be permitted to consume soda
  • Every student should be needed to volunteer in society
  • From schools, the internet should be barred
  • Single-gender schools are appropriate for learning

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Current public school structures must be transformed
  • Are mobile phones unsafe?
  • Is gun-control an efficient tactic to regulate the law-breaking?
  • The state must outlaw Same-gender marriages
  • The community is becoming over-structured
  • The regions with the greatest degrees of bribery
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Monarchy
  • Would the state accept individuals with bodily infirmities?
  • Are certain party-political establishments involved in unlawful movements in America
  • Must animals be utilized for inspection?

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Pros and Cons of hunting
  • Does being a veggie assist the atmosphere?
  • Are teenagers’ nuptials a worthy notion?
  • Do long space relations work?
  • How have video games influenced domestic life?
  • Are big families healthier for kids?
  • Do mobile phones lead to cancer threat?
  • Will books and paper become outmoded?
  • Is getting old a syndrome?
  • Is it true or untrue that the media sway female's body pictures?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Sports

  • Sports celebrities hardly are worthy of such high salaries
  • Is advertising aim behind a sport bigger than the actual soul of the game itself?
  • Fit career, unhealthy withdrawal
  • The problem in coaching
  • Betting in sports nowadays has never led to several issues.
  • An analysis of sporting values among females. Are they completely contributing to all regions?
  • Top players are worthy of enormous pay
  • Females are strong enough to eliminate the drawbacks in sports
  • Are the supporters of football morons?
  • The pros and cons of team sports involvement

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Is adverse public relation to the secret behind the achievement of Justin Bieber?
  • Is the path to a male’s heart through his belly?
  • Should children be informed about the bees and the birds?
  • Must Wikipedia offer degrees to their most loyal individuals who read?
  • Why viewing vicious videos does not boost your mental ability
  • Why people prefer seeing funny dog videos.
  • What your cat is actually thinking
  • The awful song in the world
  • Why Pink Panther is a silent character
  • How to earn the most horrible tattoo competition?

Argumentative Essay Topics on History

  • In the progress of the digitally advanced associated world, the role of America has been vital.
  • America is the largest exporter of customer ethos in history
  • In the 20th century, Germany played the greatest role in modeling history
  • The beginning of the airplane is the most vital development in the history
  • Several times, the electronic network has played a part in transforming the surge of history
  • China’s story from socialism to commercial success
  • The world’s most bothered land
  • The ending of the British rule in India led to several constructive and adverse impacts
  • The U.S. art of the 20th century.
  • The comparison of Roman and British kingdom

Art, Music & Movie Ideas for Argumentative Essay

  • How can philosophy art be explained?
  • Primal harmonious instruments
  • Style of African communities
  • Do you agree that contemporary pop-music is as well-inscribed as the pop music of the 60s?
  • The core of a true demonstration song has vanished.
  • Parents caution labels have been needed on music with violent or explicit lyrics. Do you think it is still essential?
  • How has the authority of internet streaming influenced the music industry?
  • To what degree must films that represent historical events be precise?
  • The superiority of movies in the 1960s
  • Is it appropriate to display open nudity in films?


Remember to take in a call for an act for your audience. The endings sum up what you have been debating in your essay. After shifting from usual to particular data in the introductory and body passages, your deduction should begin dragging back into more wide-ranging info that repeats the main points of your argument. Endings may also call for synopsis or action prospective points of analysis.

To conclude your essay, the following points may assist you:

  • Repeat your subject and why it is vital
  • Repeat your claim or thesis
  • Address opposing standpoints and describe why the audience should support your stance
  • Overview of prospective research opportunities or call for action.

Now that you have a clue on how to write an argumentative essay, let us show you a couple of introductions that set forth a good flow of reasoning in any argumentative essay.

1) How much education depends on the teacher?

A good teacher may make the most boring subject a thrill, and vice versa, even the most interesting class can lose its appeal if it is taught by a teacher disliked by students. So what makes a teacher good or bad? High competence and skills in the subject are important, but it is not what makes kids crave every next class and enjoy learning like the greatest game. A good teacher, as multiple researches show, is a person who sincerely respects students, approaches them with understanding of their individual needs and can make everyone feel special and welcomed in the class. The paper will explore how each of these traits help children feel confident in class, learn better and find their teacher the best educator in the world.

2) Is high competition on food market beneficial for consumers?

Competition on markets has always been seen as a good trend since in battle for customers companies were supposed to provide better quality of goods/services at lower costs. However, the economic conditions, the speed of life, (in)accessibility of food shops and markets and other factor lead to customers seeking cheap and fast food with quality concerns going last on the list. So essentially today competition between food producers and suppliers is reduced to cost cutting at any cost so that to sell cheaper and to attract more customers. Quality of food gets lower and lower, as research shows, and so in chase after consumers companies supply worse food for less money, thus feeding people with meals that harm their health. So high competition that results in supplying cheap but unhealthy food is definitely bad for customers, which is how most food suppliers operate today.

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