How to become a better writer

It is a natural desire to write better whether you study at the university or at school. There are a lot of writing assignments in any educational institution. To write without mistakes and stylistically correct is a necessity for any student. If you write well, it will be easier to study and you will receive higher grades. Is it a talent to write well or a skill that can be mastered?

In this article, you will find several tips from well-known writers on how to become a better writer.

How to Become a Better Writer

You should read every day

To write better you should read famous writers. If you read good sources, you will know how to write well. You can start by reading a great author. You will copy his writing style and later you will learn how to write yourself. You should read a lot and do it every day. When you read a book, it's necessary to pay attention to the style. Some things you might want to remember and copy.

Why is it important to read every day? You have to feed your brain with high-quality content. If you do it every day, the results will appear gradually. It will have a cumulative effect on you. You can read blogs or other websites on the internet but the main sources of quality content are books. Some books are treasures of writing style. To write a great book may take years. It may be a source of writing experience.

You may ask yourself how to be a better writer. It is significant to read masterpieces. The better quality books you read the better effect it will produce upon you. Some authors recommend listening to audiobooks as well. It gives room for multitasking. You can do different things at home or go for a walk and listen to an audiobook. Some people recommend reading books on a Kindle. It has become one of the most frequently used devices for reading.

To make progress you need to set aside some time for reading every day. For example, it maybe 45 minutes in the evening will be enough. To keep the process organized you may need to write a list of books you would like to read.

Make notes while you read

When you read a book and you may come across an interesting sentence or an unusual stylistic device. You may want to write such things down. Keep a writing pad close at hand. When you take notes while reading, it will help you later. You can use interesting stylistic or literary devices from that famous writer. You will write down everything that is of interest or unusual. You will want to copy such things and use them later.

Write every day

'Practice makes perfect'. To write better you need to practice. Every day set enough time aside to practice writing. Some authors recommend writing often even if not much. It's better to spend half an hour writing every day than to write for several hours once a week.

To practice writing, every day is a matter of discipline. Write every day without exceptions. It's like developing a new habit. The main thing for writing is repetition. Rare but lengthy periods of work will be useless. Let writing daily become one of your habits. When you do, you will not forget important thoughts or ideas you have put on the paper earlier.

When you write daily, you keep your writing skills sharp. Writing is a type of communication and this skill will deteriorate without practice. If you don't practice regularly, you often may find yourself short for words. It may become difficult for you even to write a simple email. Even if you write down your stream of thoughts and do it daily, you sharpen your writing skills.

Ask for feedback from your peers

You may find out from your peers how to be a better writer. To improve your ability to write you will need to get regular feedback. That is a significant part of your success. Constructive criticism is a must. Sometimes it's difficult to be objective towards your own work so to ask for feedback is ok. Make your writing ready for evaluation. Correct all mistakes and proofread the text.

You should ask for feedback from a person who reads a lot and who writes well. You can ask for help from your family member, a friend or even address an online community. Think of specific questions you are going to ask that person. Maybe there will be things you will have to change in your writing.

You should understand that they make you a favor giving you feedback about your work. Pay attention to what they say and listen attentively. Don't try to defend your writing - you just need an objective opinion so far. This opinion will help you to make the necessary changes. Not all feedback is going to be helpful though. You should ignore the feedback that is not constructive.

Sometimes most constructive feedback can hurt. You should treat constructive criticism as a help. It is not an obligation. The final decision to change something in your writing is yours. A negative remark shouldn't ruin your decision to write and make changes. Remember that different people will give different feedback. Try to get as many competent opinions as you can.

Create a writing ritual

To be productive in your writing you need your own writing ritual. A writing ritual is a sequence of actions a writer performs every time he sits down to write. For example, it may be making a cup of coffee looking through the window in the morning while it is still dark. Such rituals help to strengthen a useful writing habit. This habit will help you to quickly get into the mood for writing. Prolific writing is stimulated by a usual set of actions. If you are interested in how to get better at writing, you should consider this method.

Some authors try to form this habit on purpose. It effectively helps to switch the brain into a writing state. It takes some time and effort to create this habit. You should repeat it daily for many days before it will become a habit. Many famous writers note that such rituals awaken inspiration. These rituals help in forming a habit of daily writing boosting creativity.

How to create your own writing ritual? If you are serious about writing and you want to get better at writing, you will have to think of your own ritual. Consider what environment and actions allow you to get into the state of writing. Some writers start working at one and at the same time. You may want to place your things in order before you sit down at your table. Some writers like to play their favorite music.

To design your own writing ritual, you need to know what stimulates your creativity. Your room needs to be tidy or it needs to be messy. Maybe you need your favorite music playing on the background. Upon the whole, your task is to think of everyday actions and to create a suitable environment. Do things that will help you to awaken your creativity and to stimulate your imagination.

Give yourself a time limit

If you want to write every day you will have to understand the importance of setting a time limit. If you don't do that, you will get worn out quickly. You will probably need to have two days of rest every week. If you only start your daily writing routine, you might begin with as much as 15 minutes of writing. Don't spend too much time writing and your productivity will drastically improve.

Eliminate distractions

If your task is to become a better writer, you will have to learn to write without distractions. To write well you have to stay focused. Many authors say that they write best of all when they work without distractions. To write more efficiently you will have to turn off your internet. You might need to use special software to eliminate distractions on your PC. Things on your working desk should be in order. To turn off your smartphone can be a must. To improve your productivity, you should take breaks, for example, every half an hour.

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